Christmas Carols at Millenium Park

As many of you may  (or may not!) know, last Christmas Tim got me a DSLR. I have since spent the year attempting to become a bit less amateur!  Thanks to Groupon I have been on a couple of day-long workshops and they have helped a lot. I haven’t got out to practice as much as I would of liked, but I quite liked these photos I took at the carols. Realised that I have learnt quite a lot this year, always in manual mode now!

There will be Carols at Cloud Gate every Friday from now until Christmas. Well worth braving the cold.

Hope you like some of them!

6 thoughts on “Christmas Carols at Millenium Park

  1. HI there! I am on the hunt! I noticed you were at Millennium Park (according to your website) for the caroling at the Bean in December. Did you by chance get any pictures of a couple getting engaged that night? If so, that very likely may be me and have been on the search to find the photographer that was taking pictures of us! Please let me know. I would be willing to buy them off of you! Please email at

    1. I was there! I remember you, you guys looked so happy! Let me look through my photos over the weekend, and see if I can find anything. I think I had stopped taking pictures at that point, but I’ll see what I can find.

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