Anne is a passionate advocate for great technical delivery. She is driven by helping clients create top quality products in a way which is sustainable and efficient. Anne is very technically minded as well as being a passionate leader for those around her. Anne loves learning and challenging herself.

Being both an experienced software developer and a natural leader and coach, Anne is in a unique position to be able to play a number of roles on a team as needs arise and can be a very effective coach.

In the last few years Anne has become a regular speaker on the topic of the importance of diversity in technology. Most notably she spoke at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing in 2011. She is also a regular blogger on software development and leadership related topics.

Previous to software development Anne was a Ski Instructor in Canada and New Zealand, and this teaching experience has really added to her skill set as a coach and consultant.

Currently Anne works for ThoughtWorks as a lead consultant.

This blog covers all sorts of things that Anne is interested in for both work and play.

You can contact Anne on Twitter @annejsimmons, email annejsimmons_at_gmail_dot_com or find her on LinkedIn. You can also contact her with the form below.


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